Company Background

Medical Negligence Team are the leading authority in Medical Negligence medical evaluations in the UK. Their efficiency and professionalism set the company apart from its competitors and allow them to offer victims incredible value. Their unique selling point is that unlike the vast majority (97%) of firms in the UK, their clients keep 100% of the compensation awarded by the courts.

Project Details

Medical Negligence Team required a full site and strategy overhaul, prioritising high-quality qualified leads. We started from scratch on the HLM team worked in close proximity to the Medical Negligence Team to craft the perfect message to resonate with their target market.

The positive, yet clinical website coupled with the careful choice of imagery and website copy, reassures our visitors that they are in good hands and making the right decision by getting in touch with us.

After the initial development and strategy, our task shifted to the optimisation of our funnels, trying out new lead-generation concepts and benchmarking them against the typical campaign performance.

Over the past number of years, James (of BeQuick) and Andy (of Medical Negligence Team) have built up a strong professional relationship and trust which has lead to incredible innovation and improvements on the Google Ads campaigns and SEO rankings.

"HLM developed our conversion website, Google Adwords strategy and handle our ongoing Adwords campaign management. They are an exceptional business and James is always proactively looking at new ideas to enhance campaign performance. They know the business inside out and would highly recommend them to anyone."

Andrew Hogan, M.D. Medical Negligence Team

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