Company Background

Sinnott Solicitors are a law firm of solicitors with offices in Dublin and Cork. Sinnott offers a full range of legal services with a particular focus on immigration law.

Project Details

The Sinnott website is one of the best examples of an SEO optimised websites in Ireland. With 200+ unique pages, there is useful information on a variety of topics for potential clients (and sometimes, for other firms!). The website is laid out in the most user-friendly way possible, immediately encouraging people to choose the service they are looking for and subsequently directing them to a more specific topic.

The website brings a steady stream of new clients each day thanks to the ongoing SEO work and the top-of-the-line content produce by their growing team of legal professionals.

"I have found HLM to be an excellent company to deal with. Their response times are exceptionally fast. They provide excellent advice and a willingness to work with us on every aspect of our business. Very highly recommended."

Carol Sinnott, Senior Partner Sinnott Solicitors

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