When your website is outdated, or it no longer reflects your company image, or it’s just not ranking in Google – then it may be time to redesign your law firm’s website.

For solicitors having a consistent, professional website is extremely important. Your website is often the first interaction a customer has with your business – and first impressions count.

Law Firm Web Design

What is the purpose of redesigning your website?

It is important to establish your success parameters before you embark on your website redesign journey. Most redesigns have one or more of the following goals:

  1. To attract more customers
  2. To act as an online business card 
  3. To provide high quality content to readers
  4. To build your brand / reputation

Who are you targeting with your website?

The vast majority of our clients are general practice law firms, their customers are typically the businesses and the general public. It is important that we understand your audience and the types of customers you are trying to attract so your style, layout and content can be adjusted accordingly. 

Website Redesign for Solicitors

In our experience, much of the work which makes a website redesign for law firms successful happens behind the scenes. 

A successful web design project is broken down into the 7 areas outlined below. Some of these items may be better aimed towards an article on digital marketing for solicitors but they are still important to be aware of at the website design stage.

  1. Professional design 
  2. Website content 
  3. Social proof
  4. Multilingual support 
  5. Data compliance + data security 
  6. Google my business 
  7. Regular maintenance and updates
Website Redesign for Solicitors

1. Professional Design

One of the most important aspects of website design for solicitors is making sure that your website looks and feels professional.

People will make judgments about your business based on your website, so it’s important it works. 

Here is our web design for law firms checklist:

  • Your services are clearly displayed, people know exactly what services you offer
  • Your team is visible and they have professional images
  • Your branding is consistent across all pages (images, fonts, colours, logo)
  • Use clear call to actions to encourage people to contact your firm wherever possible
  • Social media integration, link to LinkedIn to allow people to connect on a more intimate level
  • Your website is easy to navigate and it works well on mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Your website loads quickly (no longer than 1 second)
  • It is structured with SEO in mind so Search engines can find you

2. Website Content

High quality content that explains your services in detail is critical when it comes to convincing new customers to use your services. 

Content is also necessary to explain to search engines (like Google and Bing) what your business does. This is where a site map becomes important, your sitemap is the data structure that search engines use to understand your site and its content. It’s essentially an index that shows their algorithms what content you have and where to find it. 

Every website should be adding content on a regular basis (2 times per month). This shows Google that your website is active, and growing and it helps them understand your service offerings better. 

We have a full article on content writing for solicitor SEO here.

3. Social Proof

Your website is more than just a collection of services, it’s an opportunity to showcase your past experience and highlight your firm’s track record of excellence.

Where possible we like to include some or all of the following:

  • Customer reviews on Google/Trustpilot
  • Anonymous customer testimonials
  • Accreditations / Awards

Part of a successful digital strategy is automating the collection of customer reviews. This means sending out an email and/or SMS automatically when a case is marked as resolved, we have systems in place to help your admin team manage this process better.

4. Multilingual support

Only 5% of websites are multilingual in the world. This represents a competitive advantage for firms willing to add a multilingual element to their website. 

We can translate your website into a number of different languages at the touch of a button. This means that for a polish person searching for help with a legal query, he finds your website in polish. This allows the complicated legal information to be translated for him so he better understands the services on offer before he makes contact with your firm. 

5. Data Compliance + Data Security

Data protection is upon us, whether we like it or not. In Europe we have GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), in the USA we have the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) and in Australia we have APP (Australian Privacy Policy). 

GDPR is by far the strictest data protection policy out there, and we adhere to all of its data protection requirements on your website (via forms, privacy policies & cookie notices). There are also off site considerations that we incorporate into your data compliance structure (analytics, tag manager, and/or third party plugins). 

Data security is the process of protecting your users data from unauthorised access. It is a part of any good data privacy policy, but it is also overlooked. 

As part of our service, we operate a “zero data model” where no sensitive user data is stored on the website, meaning that in the unlikely event of a security breach we have no sensitive data to lose.

6. Google My Business

Did you know that 15-25% of small business website traffic comes from their Google Maps listings? 

Making your website easy to find on Google Maps can supercharge your online growth, particularly because your competitors are less likely to focus on this area of growth. 

7. Regular Maintenance and Updates:

Keeping your website up to date, secure and fully operational is a must. Our team have 100% managed plans where we perform all checkups, maintenance and updates to the website and server, so your site is always available.

When should you begin to see notable traffic following your website launch

Search engines do not give guidelines on ranking, but they regularly update their rankings allowing websites to jump up the results page. 

Many things impact how quickly your website will ranking and what position you will, these include:

  • Your backlink profile (which websites are linking back to your website)
  • Your content (is your content good enough? Is it more useful and detailed than your competitors?)
  • Local & National competition
  • Search volumes for your focus keywords

What are early signs that you are going to have a successful seo project?

Some key indicators of a successful launch are: 

  • A growth in organic user traffic
  • A growth in the number of pages per session
  • A growth in rankings into the top 100 spots in Google
  • Featured snippet growth

We can expect to see some or all of these factors in the first 6 months of new website launch.

Potential reasons why your SEO project may not show early success

Ranking in Google is becoming more and more complicated. AI means that some websites can create content that would have taken a human writer a month, in a single day. Search engines do not like AI content sites and they are being penalised if their content is spotted. For this reason we never use AI content. 

Our job is to prove to the search engines that we are a legitimate business, and that our content deserves to be top of Google. If we do not see significant results in the first 6 months, it is usually for one of the following 3 reasons:

  • The website is still in the Google sandbox
  • The website does not have enough backlinks
  • The content is not deep enough
no early traffic growth

Case Studies

Sinnott Solicitors

I have found Hawthorn Legal Marketing to be an excellent company to deal with. Their response times are exceptionally fast. They provide excellent advice and a willingness to work with us on every aspect of our business. very highly recommended.Carol Sinnott, Sinnott Solicitors

MacLachlan & Donaldson

We worked with Hawthorn to update and overhaul of our website. We found the team to be quick to understand our needs, responsive and professional. We will continue to work with them for our digital requirements.Fidelma Whelan, MacLachlan & Donaldson

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